Rescue Horses



   Ever been to a kill pen?  It’s horrible.  Horses are bought at auction by the killer buyer.  He then brings the horses from different auctions all over the area to what is called a “Kill Pen”.

   If not rescued, the horses are loaded onto large trucks and taken to slaughter plants.  Since it is no longer legal to slaughter horses in the United States, the horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico.  These horses face a horrible fate.  

   First they are shoved into a crowded truck full of fighting, angry horses.  Most of the horses have learned to fight in order to survive, while others are gentle kid’s horses who have been trained to not kick or bite and to always be polite.  Sometimes the long journey is in 100 plus degree heat and there is no water available.  Often a horse will fall and it is so crowded that they are unable to get back up and are trampled under the hoofs of crowded horses.

   After the horses get there, I have seen a video of a horse struck between the ears with a machete. I’m not sure of all of the conditions as it is done outside of the U.S. – but I am sure that it is a brutal death.

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Please, Help Us ~ Help them!