DHF Board Members

Bonnie PaaschBonnie Paasch Board Member/Founding Director
Bonnie is one of the creative minds that helped build Dreams Hope and Faith. Her quiet enthusiasm and solid resolve is hard to ignore. When she decides to get something done it gets done and she isn’t afraid to jump into the fray herself. Her undying love for kids and helping them to find their dream is foremost in her message but first in her life is her love for the Lord.

Alan WaltzAlan Waltz Board Member
Alan has run a family ministry for many years and has much experience in making sound the decisions that are required to run a foundation of this kind. His love for ranches and work ethic are a welcome need here. We are blessed to welcome him.

Christopher PaaschChristopher Paasch Board Member/ Founding Director
After fulfilling many of his goals in their personal business, Chris decided to step away from it and focus on a dream he and Bonnie shared. Dreams Hope and Faith Foundation. He is zealous about helping kids and their families to find healing and wholeness as a family. He believes love is Gods greatest gift to a family but especially kids and adults together finding freedom in the hope of Christ.