About DHF

Dreams Hope and Faith FacilitiesDreams, Hope and Faith Foundation (DHF) is a 501c3 non-profit foundation that operates through the pristine Cornerstone Ranch located in Gold Beach Oregon.

DHF provides the opportunity for participants to learn to ride and care for horses and other ranch animals. We also offer a full working metal shop, wood shop, music sessions, recording sessions, and various other group activities.

Each activity is designed to give kids and their families the opportunity to grow closer together. Our indoor arena provides an excellent venue for events, even during cool and wet weather. DHFF hosts a monthly “family day” created to give participants a chance to play games, enjoy music, food and activities, and engage in simply being a family that plays together.

Please contact DHFF for more information about our fellowship activities.

THE FOUNDERS AND OWNERS: Christopher and Bonnie Paasch.

Chris and Bonnie have over 50 years of combined experience in caring for horses. Having trained world champion race horses for decades, the Paasch’s left the venue of elite racing and followed the call to help children and families in need.

Learning and worship at Dreams Hope and Faith FoundationAlthough Bonnie has great passion for many things, her heart is to teach kids something that has transformed her own life. “When I was young, my dad taught me that you can have anything you want if you’re willing to work hard for it. This is something I desire to teach young ones today, a valuable work ethic that our nation is slowly losing.” In part, it’s Bonnie’s hope to encourage kids to work for the things that inspire them. And in a dark world, she hopes that each will see the love of Christ in a life changing way.

Having walked through many dark places in his life, Chris is zealous about seeing kids and adults receive healing and wholeness as a family. He believes that love is an essential part of anyone’s life but is essential between kids and adults together finding freedom in the hope of Christ.